Bulk Listings for Telephone Service Providers

Bulk Listings for Telephone Service Providers

Bulk Listings

The bulk listings are designed for small telephone carriers and resellers to provide listings services to their customers. The data will populate the CNAME databases as well as those used for directory assistance.

We have a contract that is a mutual non-disclosure agreement and a statement saying you are responsible for your listings, a document describing the necessary file format and information to included in the listing file.  We will assign you an Operator Carrier Number (OCN) and provide you access to a server for you to upload and manage your listings.

How to get started:

Step 1: Create your ListYourself! account, click here

Step 2: Download the Agreement

Step 3: ListYourself.net will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the service options.

Step 4: Download the LSSi Data Supplier Specification and create your data file of your customers.

Step 5: Upload your customer data as often as you like.

Step 6: Your customers will be listed and published as you and they wish.


The monthly pricing is:
1FREEFREE at www.ListYourself.net
5000-on up10¢/listing$500+

There is a $25 one time set up fee.

For more information contact us at help@ListYourself.net

Locksmith and other business category listings are accepted at the flat rate of $2 a piece..

Some resources you might find useful

LSSi Data Supplier Specification That tells us what columns to use.
Upload Java A Java utility that can be used to upload csv files
Upload .net A VB.net utility that can be used to upload csv files
To run Uploadjava -jar Upload.jar User Password Count File