Listing Your Business in 411 Directory Assistance

When someone dials 411 will the operator have your number?

Even if your business is strictly local, it's likely that when someone dials 411 and asks for it, they won't find you. That's because there is no single 411 directory.

Every company that provides phone service -- and there are a lot of them -- operates its own 411 directory assistance service. Each knows the numbers of its own customers/subscribers but doesn't necessarily know the phone numbers of those on another system. That's why most "411" directories won't have your business phone number unless you make it available to each of them or have us do it for you.

How local directory assistance works

For example, you have a bakery named Edible Pleasures, located in Rochester, Indiana and your business landline phone service is provided by Rochester Telephone Company. A nearby customer dials 411 to ask for Edible Pleasure's phone number from her cell phone. But the 411 directory assistance she gets from her cell company may not have the numbers for businesses served by landline phone companies.

However, if you're a single location business, only concerned about local customers being able to reach you, you can use our Individual Directory Listings to create a free 411 directory listing for your immediate area. This will provide your business name and phone number to the master database used by directory assistance providers serving that local area.

Reaching a regional market

Alternately, perhaps you have a chain of bakeries with multiple locations in a city or metropolitan area. Or perhaps Edible Pleasures is building a reputation as the preeminent Wedding Cake bakery and you want people in neighboring communities and adjacent cities to be able to find your business. That means you'll want to be listed in multiple local "411 Directories" that service many different localities within the same metropolitan area.

For a low monthly fee, our Quick Start service will feed your business name, listing text, and phone number to 411 Directory Assistance providers for the 240 localities closest to you and maintain it on an ongoing basis as service providers regularly check to update their listings. Should you have a change in text or phone number, you'll be able to easily update it. Just fill out the ListYourself Sign Up Form to get started.

National Businesses & Brands -- Catalog and Virtual Businesses

Many businesses draw from customers across a broad region like the South or the Midwest, or want to be findable by anyone calling local directory assistance anywhere in the U.S. Depending upon your business needs, ListYourself enables you to customize the exact areas where you want your business name and phone to be listed. Just fill out the ListYourself Sign Up Form and we'll get back to you shortly.


Individual Listings - free.

Quick Start regional listings (240 closest localities) - $25/month (and $25 set up fee)

National or multi-regional listings - $0.10 per listing (locality) per month1 $25/month minimum

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For a more detailed description of how 411 directory service is provided, see our White Paper: Get your business phone listed so potential customers can find you.


There are many different players involved in the listing distribution and directory assistance search process. There are many different call centers using many different search engines and data alignment techniques. Due to possible technical, operational or business issues a listing may not be found under certain circumstances. We in the industry are making our best efforts to prevent these false negative searches. You as the customer can help as well. You control your listing text and use a minimum of punctuation, slang and un-phonetic or poly-homonymic lexicology.

1   The average daily count of published listings will be used for billing. The pricing includes that each unique listing text and phone number combination used is subject to a $1/month fee. There is a $5 fee for changes made after the first month. Requires a payment by credit card. There is a $25 set up fee.