Local Digital Presence Management

Location Digital Presence Management

Consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to search for a business and make a quick buying decision. In fact, 85 percent of consumers who use mobile devices follow up with a phone call, while 80 percent walk into a location with a specific action in mind.

Having a business’s online data—or NAP (name, address, phone number)—consistent across all media channels lends itself to a healthy local ecosystem, which in turn, improves the business’s local visibility and improves the measure of business integrity.

Failure to manage a business’s local presence could result in missing major segments of their target consumers and partners

Location digital presence management helps businesses by:

Making sure the business’s citations are in the most important directories, social networks and aggregators. Submit your local business to 40+ directories, including Bing, Judy's Book and SuperPages, plus the most popular mapping apps.

Reviewing, correcting and optimizing the data, ensuring a consistent name address and phone number (NAP) in real time

Providing real-time progress reports and updates

Distribution to the Voice search products: Google Home, Sri and Alexa.

73 percent of consumers said they lose trust in a local business when it has inconsistent location data

67 percent of consumers lose trust in a brand if they get lost because of an incorrect address online

80 percent of local searches lead to a visit, call or sale for the business

Our Complete Suite of Location Digital Presence Management Tools

Our technology solution provides every possible tool and resource needed for local digital presence management. Our local search technologies and services are filled with analytics, tools, resources and solutions to make it easy to be the best and provide the best for your clients. Submit the business information and we take care of the rest!

Baseline Audit  - The baseline provides an initial status to see where improvement is needed.

Optimize Google My Business  - Feed optimized and accurate location data to the world’s largest search engine.

Generate and Fix Citations  - Identify all mentions of your business online and take action to correct them.

Monitor Online Reviews  - Visit your dashboard any time to monitor your online reputation.

Local Safeguard Protection  - We are continually monitoring your citation data and maintaining its accuracy.

Data Aggregator Submission  - Submit your citation data to the largest data aggregators that feed the major directory sites.


$35 per month

For more information contact us at help@ListYourself.net


There are many different players involved in the listing distribution and directory assistance search process. There are many different call centers using many different search engines and data alignment techniques. Due to possible technical, operational or business issues a listing may not be found under certain circumstances. We in the industry are making our best efforts to prevent these false negative searches. You as the customer can help as well. You control your listing text and use a minimum of punctuation, slang and un-phonetic or poly-homonymic lexicology.