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For more information contact us at is designed to help you, or your business, get your phone number listed in 411 phone directory assistance. For millions of people, picking up a phone and calling directory assistance remains their preferred way to find and connect with others. Whether they are looking for the number of a local restaurant, seeking a plumber, or searching for the closest branch of a national chain, their first inclination is to dial "411."

If you want people to be able to phone you your phone number has to be listed in directory assistance. Thirty years ago, before deregulation of the phone system, there was essentially only one phone company and one directory. Now, there are more than 5000 directory assistance providers. Getting into their listings is the purpose of List Yourself!

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There are thousands of directory assistance providers today because phone service is being provided by cable TV companies, cell phone wireless companies, internet "VOIP" phone companies, as well as traditional landline phone companies, all of whom provide directory assistance to their own customers, and only their own customers. If you call "411" and ask about a business or person that is not their customer, they won't necessarily have that information.

That's where comes in. We're a bridge linking customers from different phone companies with the large number of local, regional and national directory assistance bureaus that exist and that probably won't have your phone number to give out unless you provide it to them. Or have us do it for you.

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