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What is the ListYourself privacy policy?
ListYourself is collecting data solely for purposes of providing it to database providers who support directory assistance call centers.

Where will my number be listed?
ListYourself data generally goes into the databases used by directory assistance (information) call centers.

Does my listing get into online (web based) directories?
Some of them. The online directory will take our data on a monthly basis. Often they do not refresh their =data regularly, so it can take several months for the listing to get in. This will vary depending upon the operator of the directory.

I'm not getting the automated validation phone call to submit my listing.

The systems makes the call immediately after pressing the "Add Listing" button.

If you press the "Add Listing" button and nothing happens, You may have JavaScript disabled or have a JavaScript error. Our general suggestion for this is to "Try a different browser". But if you know how to open the browser's JavaScript error console, please do so and tell us what browser you are using and the error that is reported so that we may be able to fix it.

If your phone normally rings when ####### is dialed, then you may want to just try again.

If the caller needs to dial a digit when the number is dialed, then did you specify the extension in the extension field and select Call Me with an extension. The system will dial the extension about 5 seconds after the phone is answered. If that does not work repeat the digit to dial in the extension field since some phone systems can mis-hear the dialed digits.

If the caller has to listen to an extended greeting prior to call completion and you hear silence when the phone rings. It is possible that the instructions have completed and the systems is waiting for the code to be dialed. Try dialing it.

If your phone system blocks the tones from your phone or the caller is immediateness forwarded to voice mail, you should try the "Call Me with a spoken code" which ill read a code to you for entry on the web.

Does my listing get into printed white pages?
No. At this time the listings do not get into printed phone books. We are looking into offering this option at some future date.

Why do you need my email address?
In about a year we will contact you by email to verify that you still want to maintain your listing. If you fail to provide and validate your email you will not be able to indicate you want to renew your listing.

Can I change the information in my listing?
Yes. Go to Find my listing and the system will send you an email. This email will contain a link with which you can edit your listing information.

How long will it take for my listing to appear on directory assistance?
It will take two to three business days for the listing to propagate to most directory assistance databases. Some carriers, particularly baby bells, take much longer to update their databases.

How can I check my listing is in the database?
You can call 411 on your telephone or go to our search application 411 Info to look for yourself by name or number.

I called 411 and can't find myself!

It should be available on the second business day. Wireline carriers can take a longer time to incorporate the listings, so you have to be patient with them.

Some of the online (Internet) directories use this data, but they tend to purchase a monthly CD and may put that data up at varying rates. If you want to see the listing yourself try 411 Info to look for yourself by name or number.

Can I bulk load data on behalf of my customers?
If you are a carrier or reseller of VoIP services, you can collect your customer's information and set up a bulk load process for the data. Please contact for additional details.

Should I include punctuation in my listings?
No. Keep punctuation at

a minimum. Unnecessary punctuations (mostly commas, periods, semicolons) in name and addresses. For example, "Alberta Professional Services, Inc.", "301 N Elm St, Ste 239", "719 W Lee St; Ste H"

Note that not all punctuation is unnecessary, for example, "WZTK FM Talk 101.1", the use of period is acceptable in this case.

What things should I avoid in listed names?
You should review the names you enter, considering that a caller is going to say that name to a call center operator who may be hurrying and handling as many calls as possible.

How do I become unlisted?
Go to Find my Listing or email with your request.

Does my information impact Caller ID Name (aka CNAME or CNAM)?
CNAME is the name that is displayed on your phone with the caller ID when someone calls. The information from ListYourself is used to populate a database of CNAME information. Unfortunately, the call recipient's carrier has to be a subscriber to the provider with the ListYourself information for it to be displayed. Please read our CNAM white paper discussing the CNAM problem at length

What is a SIC Code?
The SIC Code is a business category code provided by NAICS Association and sometimes used to find businesses of a particular type.

Am I better off paying for validation?
No. The $10 validation fee will not afford you additional benefits over the free validation methods. Your listing will not be published more quickly. We will maintain our best effort to incorporate the listing in the directory. If your listing is judged to be illegitimate, offensive or inappropriate your listing may be suppressed without notice or refund of any monies. If you dispute the credit card charge, you will be responsible for triple the fees associated with that dispute.

If I feel I want a refund, what do I do?
Contact us at We are nice and if you have a valid issue, we will credit your account. If you dispute the credit card charge, you will be responsible for triple the fees associated with that dispute.

Where can I check on my Online Listing
Your online listing is distributed to many online directories. It can take weeks or months for them to pick up the data, so be patent it really is a good product. You can check that it has started the process by looking in Neustar/Localeze Search for a Business page.
List Yourself! is a registered trademark and works with 90% of directory assistance providers and publishers in the United States.