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Get your business phone listed so potential customers can find you

If you want people to be able to find your business, then your phone number has to be listed in directory assistance. Back in the good old days of Ma Bell, that was simple. Ma Bell gave you the phone number and provided it to their directory assistance operators. Done! No more.

Today, cable TV companies, cell phone wireless companies and internet "VOIP" phone companies, along with traditional landline phone companies, are all assigning phone numbers and providing their own directory assistance. If someone on Sprint Mobile dials "411" that call is not going to the same directory assistance operators who answer calls from Time Warner Cable phone customers. And the two different systems don't directly share up-to-date information with each other.

That's where comes in. We're a bridge linking customers from different phone companies with the large number of local, regional and national directory assistance bureaus that exist and that probably won't have your phone number to give out unless you provide it to them. Or have us do it for you.

How 411 directory service works

Think local. When you dial 411, the first thing you'll hear when your call is answered is "What city, please?" Listings are all segregated by city and state. Before you can ask for a phone number for a lumber yard, a fresh produce mart, or an Italian restaurant, you have to tell the operator where you are, or that you are looking for a business that serves a particular area.

Even if you ask for a business by name -- "Can you give me number for Venice Pizza?" -- an operator will likely ask "Is that Venice Pizza in Huntington Park, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Century City or Venice, California?"

Is your business local or regional in character?

For a "brick and mortar" business with a physical presence, you want your phone number to be findable in directory assistance where your customers come from and where they could be coming from. If you operate a bakery, that's probably just the local community where you are physically located. An individual listing -- for 411 directory service covering one specific area -- should suffice, and we offer that at no charge.

On the other hand, if you operate a chain of bakeries, or if you're out to develop a reputation for being the most phenomenal creator of wedding cakes in Southern California, or if you have a regional attraction of any type -- from a Hospital Center to an Art Museum to an Amusement Park --then you should be listed in all the directory assistance listings for the entire region, not just one local one. We offer a low-cost monthly service that will put your listing into 240 of the closest local directory listings.

National Businesses, National Brands and Virtual Location Businesses

If you are national business, like General Electric or GEICO Insurance, or a national brand like Oreo Cookies or Del Monte fruit, traditional directory assistance wasn't designed to service your needs.

Callers to 411 directory assistance would find no listing for the business or brand since it likely lacks a local office. However, can get your company or brand listed in local directories across the country whether you have any physical presence in an area or not.

The same applies for virtual location businesses of all types. Perhaps you offer a specialty service that isn't tied to a physical location like consulting services or creation of custom software -- work that can be performed remotely and delivered to any location. Or, perhaps you operate a call center that serves an entire industry from one physical location. Or you provide service nationally by dispatching local partners -- think taxis, tow trucks or septic tank pumping.

These types of businesses can all benefit by getting themselves listed in local 411 directories all across the country.

The Solution is the only one stop shop to get your business listed in the directories actually used by phone companies when they answer customer 411 calls. Our multiple local listing service enables your company to be found in directory assistance regardless of where the caller is located, who their phone service provider is, or what locality the 411 directory services.

As a business owner, you have to decide how wide a net you want to cast to gain new customers. We'd be happy to help you decide.

List Yourself! is a registered trademark and works with 90% of directory assistance providers and publishers in the United States.